Become Our Treasurer

The Sea Watch Foundation, a charity concerned with the protection of whales and dolphins, is seeking a treasurer trustee to complement the skill set of its Board of Trustees.



About the Sea Watch Foundation:


The Sea Watch Foundation, founded in 1991, is one of Europe’s pre-eminent charities concerned with the protection of whales and dolphins. The organisation comprises a small team of full and part time employees, backed up by volunteers.


Sea Watch’s vision


Sea Watch’s overall aim is:

“To protect whales and dolphins in the seas around Britain and Ireland, by involving the public in scientific monitoring of populations and the threats they face, and by the regular production of material to educate, inform, and advise for better environmental protection”.


Sea Watch works to this aim by:

  1. Monitoring the UK’s whale and dolphin population

Through a network of volunteers, Sea Watch collates and monitors sightings of whales and dolphins.  Sea Watch organises the UK’s annual National Whale and Dolphin Watch. Sea Watch’s databases hold the most comprehensive information that exists on whale and dolphin distribution in UK waters.


  1. Research projects

Sea Watch carries out specific studies on particular species and regional conservation problems.


  1. Public education

Through publications, the production of a regular newssheet, a web site, social media and the production of other resource material, Sea Watch works to raise public awareness on the status of whales and dolphins and current conservation issues.


  1. Dissemination

Sea Watch contributes to scientific and academic journals, popular magazines, workshops, conferences and other events in both the UK and internationally.


  1. Informing policy making

Sea Watch’s staff provide international bodies (European Commission, UNEP/ASCOBANS, ICES, OSPAR) and national government (through Defra, DECC) and its statutory agencies (JNCC, NRW, NE, and SNH) with specialised information and expert opinion on whales and dolphins. 


The role:

This a voluntary role and the Treasurer, who will also be a trustee, will oversee the financial matters of the charity in line with legal requirements, good practice and in accordance with the Charity’s governing document and report to the board of trustees, periodically, about the financial health of the organisation. The Treasurer will ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are maintained and that they are appropriate for the charity.


Specifically, the treasurer will take the lead at board level on:

making sure the charity keeps proper accounts

reviewing the charity’s financial performance

drawing up or reviewing policies for finance and investment

ensuring that the charity has robust and effective financial controls in place

liaising with the charity’s independent accountant


The majority of the work of the Board of Trustees is done in a virtual sense, through use of telephone and e-mail. The Board of Trustees meet 3 times a year, once in April/May at New Quay, Wales and twice at locations in the UK agreed by the trustees.



For further information about the position please contact:

Robin Petch on


Tel: 01482 634028; 0776 859 2306