NWDW events in South Devon

Please see our registered watches below

As your safety is very important for us please conduct watches ensuring everyone follows the UK-government Covid-19 restrictions at the time of your watch and complies with social distancing rules.

Location Contact name Phone/Email Date Time Land/Boat Additional info
Torbay Rob, Skipper of Devon Sea Safari www.devonseasafari.com
25th – 2nd TBC BOAT Devon Sea Safari will be recording the sightings from their tours.
Row Cove Jasmin Urwick private watch 2nd 9-10 LAND

Please contact us if you want to run a watch, or to ask us any questions.

To submit your sightings click here.

Please remember to return forms and any photos you might have taken to us as soon as possible at formsswf@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for contributing to the National Whale & Dolphin Watch 2020!

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