NWDW events in South Grampian

National Whale & Dolphin Watch 2019


Please see below our list of registered public events.


Location Contact Name Phone number or email Date Time Additional info Land or Boat?
 St Cyrus National Nature Reserve  Simon Ritchie, Scottish Natural Heritage Simon.Ritchie@nature.scot  02/08/19 14:00-16:00  - Land
Colliestion, St. Catherine’s Dub carpark and viewpoint Kevin Hepworth, Sea Watch Foundation Regional Coordinator - 04/08/19 8:00-12:00 - Land


We would also love it if you would consider running a watch of your own; the more data we can collect, the better!

Please contact us if you want to run a watch, or to ask us any questions.

You might find it useful to visit our links…

Recording forms: www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/recording-and-submitting-sightings

Regional & Species Fact Sheets: www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/information-and-fact-sheets

Thank you in advance for contributing to the National Whale & Dolphin Watch 2019!

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