NWDW 2019 Watch List

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We would like to thank the following organisations that are contributing to the success of National Whale & Dolphin Watch this year

ORCA – During National Whale and Dolphin Watch, ORCA also runs their OceanWatch project, which contributes data to the national recording event.  ORCA trains bridge crews, on ferry and cruise vessels, to record their sightings and ORCA’s Marine Mammal Surveyor teams and Wildlife Officers and Cruise Conservationists are out in force across the ferry and cruise network.  In 2019, ORCA has survey teams out on the majority of the UK’s ferry routes, plus cruises heading up to Iceland from the UK.  ORCA hopes to contribute hundreds of hours of effort data, and hopefully many sightings to the National Whale and Dolphin Watch this year to raise awareness of the incredible wildlife on our doorstep.

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch
Scottish Seabird Centre
Whale & Dolphin Conservation

RSPB Bempton Cliffs
RSBP Conwy
RSPB Orkney

Alderney Wildlife Trust
Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Essex Wildlife Trust
Devon Wildlife Trust
Dorset Wildlife Trust
Living Seas North West
North Wales Wildlife Trust
Scottish Wildlife Trust
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters National Trust
South West National Trust
St Abb’s Head National Trust
Yorkshire National Trust

Berry Head Countryside Trust
Coast Care
Coastwatch Scotland Irvine Unit
Dorset Council
High Life Highland
Isle of Rum Community Trust
Macduff Marine Aquarium 
Pakefield Coastwatch
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority
Samphire Hoe National Nature Reserve
Scottish Natural Heritage

National Whale & Dolphin Watch 2019