WiSe Course: Be wildlife safe in Wales – ONLINE

Orca Watch 2021 – ONLINE

UK Wide

Join us for Orca Watch - Online. Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19, Orca Watch 2021 will now be held online. During the week we'll be hosting a series of online events open to all, including the ever-popular evening of talks. Locally-based volunteers who conduct watches all year round for Sea Watch will be continuing to do this, within the current Covid 19 Restrictions. They will feed back their data to Sea Watch for us to present in regular evening virtual live sessions. More details of the online event programme will follow in due course. For further information contact the event organizers at: orcawatch2021@gmail.com 

National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2021

UK Wide

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT WILL BE SUBJECT TO WHATEVER COVID RESTRICTIONS ARE IN PLACE AT THE TIME. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THE EVENT IF WE JUDGE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD THE EVENT SUCCESSFULLY WITHIN WHATEVER RESTRCITIONS MIGHT BE IN PLACE.  Join our ten-day event which aims at involving the general public in collecting records of whales, dolphins and porpoises and at providing a general “snapshot” of what is in UK coastal waters over a short period of time. As well as gaining valuable research data, we hope this will draw attention to the conservation of our marine environment. Land-watches will be organized all around the UK. People with experience of “official watches” who can quite readily identify species just need some sightings forms, a pen and a pair of binoculars. “First timers” or people who need a bit of help in identifying a whale, dolphin or porpoise can join our online regional training days which are offering this year. Regional Coordinators will also provide their helps so please get in touch with them if you need anything in preparation for your watches. Online Training will also be provided. For further information contact the event organizers at: nwdw@seawatchfoundation.org.uk